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Listen To Simple Creatures’ New Song, Special

Simple Creatures – blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth – have unveiled a new track.

Ahead of their set at this weekend’s Download Festival, Simple Creatures have dropped a brand-new tune, Special.

The duo – compromised of blink-182s Mark Hoppus and All Time Lows Alex Gaskarth – have kept it vague when announcing the song (“Our new baby has been birthed and it’s quite Special”) but we do know is that it’s taken from a new EP, Everything Opposite, due out this summer.

Check out Special below.

If you’re yet to see Simple Creatures live yet and are wondering what to expect this coming Saturday, Alex previously told us that the duo’s gigs would feel like somewhere between a rock show and an EDM hip-hop show”.

It’s pretty crazy,” he says. There’s a lot of moving parts, and we’ve been figuring out how to do it live. It’s just the two of us and we don’t have a live band – we don’t have a drummer. It’s sort of landing somewhere between a rock show and an EDM hip-hop show! And I think that’s what’s really interesting about this project: we knew that, to do this right, it was going to have to be some sort of strange hybrid of genres. And, even down to the live element of it, it is truly that. We’re running a lot of stuff off these insane sample pads, and I’m playing more instruments than I know what to do with so far! That’s a very interesting element of the show. At any given moment, we’re both on keys, I’m on bass, Mark’s on guitar and then we’re swapping guitars, and then I’ll be playing the sample pads, and we’re looping a beat and playing on top of that… it’s pretty crazy. There’s a lot of interactivity in the show for us, but, at the same time, it still really feels like this energetic rock show.” 

Simple Creatures are headlining the Avalanche Stage at Download Festival this weekend. Get your tickets now.

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Posted on June 13th 2019, 3:15p.m.
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