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Listen to Sleeping With Sirens’ raging new single, Bloody Knuckles

Sleeping With Sirens have unleashed a brand-new single, Bloody Knuckles.

Kellin Quinn has been busy lately: after working with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker on love race and launching a new kids’ band with Ryan Key, the vocalist is back to screaming his guts out with Sleeping With Sirens.

The Orlando gang have just shared a pretty damn angry sounding new single, Bloody Knuckles, which hears the frontman adding in much heavier vocals alongside his more anthemic ones, with a killer breakdown thrown in for good measure.

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Speaking to Kerrang! in 2019 about going heavy again on most recent album How It Feels To Be Lost (and hopefully going forwards now, too), Kellin explained, I feel like fans are ready for this from our band – it’s time for the heavier, darker side of Sleeping With Sirens. We listened to what the fans wanted, and that’s what we’re giving them. We’ve done being heavy in a smart way on How It Feels To Be Lost, and I felt it was important that we didn’t totally go back to our roots with it. Our early sound is in there, sure, but this is a new Sirens – it’s not like this is a throwback to [2010 debut album] With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear.”

Listen to Bloody Knuckles below:

And check out the lyrics:

You always said I’d be a disappointment
That I’d be nothing and I’d probably lose it all
You thought that I would trip and fall
But you’ll never see me beg or crawl
Can’t take it
Won’t fake it
Punch a hole through the wall
Try to break it
Can’t change it
Rearrange it
So I guess that I’ll just have to face it
This is bloody knuckles and I’ll show you how to play
It’s the only way to escape from all the pain

We bought a one way ticket cuz we’re sick of it all
Pack your bags we’re going
At the bottom but we got no reason to lay low
Like you care anyway (no)
Here take one last breath
Take all you can
Til there’s nothing left
(we’ll never do what you say no)
Until we drop dead (never let go) 

Another day another disappointment
My head is trippin might as well just slip away
You all think I’m crazy anyway (you all think I’m crazy)
Won’t give in
Never fit in (it’s a knife in the back that you twist in)
You dig in
Don’t pretend (I’m already down but you keep on pushing)
Life is a fight
But you don’t ever fight fair
Beat us to the ground
But we will never stay there
I won’t give in I never fit in I won’t give in
Never fit in
It’s a knife in the back that you twist in
This is bloody knuckles I’ll show you how to play
It’s the only way to escape from all the pain

Posted on June 2nd 2021, 3:40p.m.
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