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Listen To Slipknot’s Entire New Album, We Are Not Your Kind, Here!

The new Slipknot album, We Are Not Your Kind, has arrived. Listen to it right here.

Happy We Are Not Your Kind release day, Maggots!

Slipknots highly-anticipated, 5K-rated sixth record – the follow-up to .5: The Gray Chapter – has finally arrived via Roadrunner Records, and, as founding member Shawn Clown’ Crahan proudly told us in this week’s issue of Kerrang!, it is truly a masterpiece”.

As you’ll hear throughout the entirety of the 14-track release, this is an album that’s full to the brim with experimentation. Take closing track Solway Firth – a song which inspired frontman Corey Taylor to try new inflections with his vocals, and which instantly made one bandmate in particular, well… lose his absolute shit in the studio.

Honestly, that [intro] was one of the first things that Clown really dug – the way that I was singing that at the beginning of it,” Corey told us.

He and I love disturbing stuff. We love things that feel unconventional, and uncontrolled, and left-field. And so when I started to sing it and use that inflection, he was like, Dude! What the fuck is that?!’ And then with the stuttering on they muttttttterrrrrr as the bodiesssssss’, he was just fucking over the moon. He was like, Dude, that’s my favourite thing you’ve ever done.’ Which is saying something, because we’ve been doing music together for fucking 22 years! When I know when I’ve got Clown is when he starts smiling and nodding – like, I can’t even hear him, because I just see him in the booth, but I know he’s got a million fucking ideas for it.”

Check out Slipknot’s YouTube playlist of We Are Not Your Kind below:

Or get on it via Spotify:

Or Apple Music:

Be sure to grab a physical copy of the record too at this link.

Read the story behind every song on We Are Not Your Kind in the new issue of Kerrang!, on sale now. You can pick up the issue right now at and get it delivered straight to your door, anywhere in the world.

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Posted on August 9th 2019, 3:10p.m.
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