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Listen To The Title-Track Of All Time Low’s New Album, Wake Up, Sunshine

All Time Low have dropped Wake Up, Sunshine – the title-track from their upcoming new album.

We’ve got just two days now until the brilliant new All Time Low album arrives – and, ahead of its release, the Baltimore pop-punks have just unveiled Wake Up, Sunshine’s title-track.

The song follows a whole bunch of material from the 15-track record that is already out there in the world: Some Kind Of Disaster, Sleeping In, Getaway Green, Melancholy Kaleidoscope and Trouble Is. Now, with the release of Wake Up, Sunshine (the song), that’s our lot until the full thing comes out on Friday, April 3.

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“This one comes from a personal place, and it was like I was shaking myself awake in the context of the last album, which felt like it was this dream-sequence side-bar to everything that All Time Low had done before,” frontman Alex Gaskarth tells Kerrang! of the song in an exclusive track-by-track guide to the album.

“Wake Up, Sunshine really addresses that, like, ‘We’re awake again and the sun is up and we’re starting anew.’ For me personally that’s what the song was speaking to, but then for anyone else listening to it, it is also a message of, ‘Things can and will be okay.’ In this day and age, a lot of people are finding their validation in who shares their opinion online, and screaming into an echo chamber. This song is speaking to that, and almost saying, ‘You’re fine without that.’”

Explaining why the band also decided to call the album Wake Up, Sunshine, Alex says: “One overarching theme that inspired Wake Up, Sunshine is that of getting better and feeling comfortable in your own skin. The title is about waking up to a new life and feeling rejuvenated, but it’s also a call to action. Coming up with the title was like me grabbing myself by the collar, slapping myself in the face and saying, ‘Wake up, dude! It’s time to do things right.’

“I’ve been through some dark times recently,” he continues. “Coming out the other side was a big thing on this record. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and my identity, and that gets both explored and put to bed on Wake Up, Sunshine. This album is me coming to terms with who I am, as well as reflecting on where we’ve been with the band and looking to the future.”

Listen to Wake Up, Sunshine below:

Posted on April 1st 2020, 1:31pm
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