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London Post-Punk Band High-Vis Have Released A New 7inch

New jams from a bunch of ex hardcore kids fronted by a nihilistic Scouser with a gold tooth.

If you’re into the grim, dawn-of-Thatcher sounds of Crisis, Gang Of Four, Joy Division and all that good moody post-punk stuff, but you’re - y’know - not in your mid-fifties, then you’ll be able to get behind London’s High-Vis

High-Vis are a bunch of ex hardcore kids fronted by a cheerfully nihilistic Scouser with a gold tooth, who play proper frosty post-punk like how they used to when the UK only had three TV channels, but bring that sound into the 21st century by filling the songs with a bit more bile than the 80s allowed for. It’s solid gold stuff. 

They’ve gone and done a seven-inch on Farewell Records, which you can buy here, and listen to here:

What are you waiting for?

Posted on December 7th 2017, 1:14pm
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