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Metallica’s WorldWired Tour Could Last Up Until 2020

We’ll take that.

Since the release of their brilliant Hardwired… To Self-Destruct LP in 2016, Metallica have spent a solid chunk of their time on the road.

And that doesn’t look set to stop any time soon – in fact, the foursome could still be playing shows on this cycle in over a year’s time. In a new interview with Mercury News, Lars Ulrich has revealed that their gigs could very well go on until 2020. Which is music to our ears, obviously.

We still have to go to Australia. We still have to go to Japan. We have a couple of other things planned after Europe,” Lars says. “This [tour] may just dip into the beginning of 2020.”

The drummer also praised the band’s current situation: “We have the luxury, and we are very fortunate, to be able to set a touring schedule that works really well for us… for about a decade, we’ve had a really good set-up in terms of how we balance all of it.”

In the States, ’Tallica have a whole bunch of dates scheduled between November and March 2019. Then they’ll be coming to the UK and Europe in the summer, with support from Ghost and Bokassa. And beyond that? We’ll have to wait and see what they’ve got planned…

Tickets are on sale now from this link.

Metallica Worldwired Uk Euro 2019 Tour
Posted on November 8th 2018, 1:00pm
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