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Mike Patton To Join Dillinger Escape Plan On Stage To Play Irony Is A Dead Scene

As if the prospect of Dillinger Escape Plan’s final shows wasn’t already almost too much to bear…

As if the prospect of Dillinger Escape Plan’s final shows wasn’t already almost too much to bear, the band just announced that their December 27 show at New York’s Terminal 5 will feature God Emperor Mike Patton appearing with them onstage for a run-through of their incredible 2002 EP, Irony Is a Dead Scene. 

Irony Is a Dead Scene was put together after the exit of DEP’s original vocalist, Dimitri Minakakis, but before a replacement Greg Puciato got the job as his replacement. The plan to record with Patton was made before they found Puciato, and by the time Mike Patton had recorded vocals and the EP was released, the band had been touring with Greg for nearly a year.

Here’s an old Epitaph video of DEP and Patton recording the EP in the studio together:

Check out the EP itself here:

Posted on November 10th 2017, 3:07pm
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