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Mike Shinoda Corrects Reports That Chester Bennington Had MDMA In His System When He Died

Mike Shinoda has corrected false media reports that Chester Bennington had ecstasy in his system when he died in July.

As is their way, gossip website TMZ yesterday published details of the late Linkin Park vocalist’s autopsy toxicology report, which they at first said showed he had alcohol and MDMA in his system, an assumption that was based on the results of an antibody-based test called ELISA.

However, a different test - a thing called a mass-spectrometer test, which is designed to find and identify chemical structures - failed to detect MDMA in a urine sample; where drugs hang around for longer periods of time.

As a result of that test, the conclusion was he didn’t have the drug in his system at the time of his death, and only had minimal traces of alcohol in his system.

TMZ later corrected their article, but there are currently still lots of media outlets reporting that Chester had MDMA in his system.

Mike Shinoda wrote: “Just clearing this up: TMZ erroneously printed CB had MDMA in his system when he passed. That was incorrect, they misread the report. They have since corrected their piece, see below. I hope other publications have the decency to do the same.”

Posted on December 6th 2017, 10:05am
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