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Mike Shinoda Has Revealed His Favourite Linkin Park Song

What’s Mike Shinoda’s favourite Linkin Park track?

After Mark Hoppus took the best blink-182 songs bracket last month, Mike Shinoda is now getting in on the ranking action, having whittled down his absolute favourite Linkin Park songs.

Taking to his Twitch channel after Linkin Park Peru created the LP bracket, the musician filmed himself taking a look at the music spanning the band’s entire 20-year career, taking around 14 minutes to finally choose a winner (in contrast, Mark Hoppus took just two minutes to work on the blink ranking).

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It’s so funny because it’s almost like a personality test. Like, what kinda music listener are you? What kind of person are you?” Mike laughs.

He makes some interesting and perhaps controversial choices throughout the bracket, choosing what might be considered deeper cuts’ like Keys To The Kingdom over smash single One Step Closer (“Because One Step Closer was more immature than Keys To The Kingdom to me. But, I love One Step Closer, don’t get me wrong…”), and Iridescent over Numb.

Ultimately, the two finalists are Papercut and Waiting For The End, with Mike picking the latter – taken from 2010 album A Thousand Suns. (Amazingly, in Kerrang!‘s recent ranking of the 20 greatest Linkin Park songs ever, Waiting For The End didn’t even make the cut. Oops. Sorry, Mike…)

Check out the full video below:

Interesting stuff. More band members ranking their music, please!

In other Linkin Park news, bassist Dave Phoenix’ Farrell recently revealed the group had been writing new music before coronavirus, though that has been put on pause” for now. 

At this point right now, I think globally we’re all doing a version of the same thing, you know, trying to stay home and trying to stay as healthy as possible,” he said.

For us, with the band, we’ve been kinda writing and doing that before this all started, so casually at this point we’re doing Zoom meetings to eat lunch together and say, Hi.’ But we’re not able to get together and write or do that whole bit. So working at home a little bit, working up ideas.

I’ve been playing a lot of drums, just to do something new – I’ve been doing that for the last year, year and a half, and purposely making as much noise as possible to create my own space in the house.”

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Posted on May 11th 2020, 10:31a.m.
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