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Motionless In White’s New Album Will Have “Heavier Stuff” As Well As “The Usual Mix Of Things”

Chris Motionless has started to hint at what’s to come from the new Motionless In White album.

With their 2020 touring plans now completely up in the air – like so many bands – due to coronavirus, Chris Motionless has instead been putting his energy towards writing new Motionless In White music – and has begun hinting at the direction that it’s starting to take.

Discussing the follow-up to 2019’s Disguise with Finland’s Kaaos TV, the frontman reflects on a previous statement he’d made about things taking a “heavier” direction, explaining: “I made a comment a couple of weeks ago that most of everything that I’ve personally been writing so far has been a lot heavier.”

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He clarifies, “To clear that, there’s going to be a usual mix of things on the record like we normally do, from stuff like Another Life and Voices all the way to stuff like Thoughts & Prayers and Undead Ahead 2, and stuff that we’ve done everywhere in between.

But, yeah, so far for me, it’s been a little heavier. I don’t know if that’s out of frustration of what’s going on; I don’t know if it’s just that that’s where my creative interest is lying right now, where I’m wanting to write some heavier stuff. But we have a ton of stuff in the bank that I keep going back to and picking and choosing from, and a lot of that stuff is also the heavy stuff that I’m gravitating toward. So I don’t know… You might hear maybe a few more heavy tracks on the album this time than anything else, but don’t hold me to that.”

Chris continues that the band hope to give “a full picture, the grand scope of what Motionless In White is musically and creatively” on their upcoming material, and will “really explore everything that we like musically”.

Watch the full interview below:

Posted on June 16th 2020, 1:50pm
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