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My Chemical Romance Are NOT Touring (As Far As We Know) But They’ve Been Putting Stuff On YouTube

​There was a rumour over the weekend that My Chemical Romance might be touring. No such thing is happening…

There was a rumour over the weekend that My Chemical Romance might be touring. This was due to a post on the band’s official website that was erroneously attributed to the band. It spread across a bunch of music news sites (including ours, sorry guys!) before said music news sites got their asses handed to them on Twitter by MCR fans. Turns out no such thing is happening (YET).

However, the one thing that still holds true (a little Chain Of Strength reference for you, there) is that last week the band’s YouTube page got updated a few times. First, The Black Parade Is Dead! appeared in full on the page, then a steady stream of music video outtakes began to roll out.

We have no idea what that means - maybe it portends a huge reunion and tour, maybe the record company didn’t have anything else for some eager interns to do, so they had them get some archive stuff up online.

Either way, there’s some cool footage up there, go check it out.

Here’s a load of outtakes from the Helena video:

And here’s The Black Parade Is Dead! in full:

And here’s this:

Posted on January 22nd 2018, 12:39pm
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