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Neck Deep Are Announcing “Big News Very Soon”

Watch this space, people! Neck Deep have got some big news coming…

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Neck Deep, who most recently unveiled two B-sides last November to hopefully tide fans over until new music arrived.

Now, it looks as though the Wrexham pop-punks are kicking back into gear once more, having teased that they’ve got, “Big news coming soon.” The short, snappy social media post also links to their website where you can subscribe to their mailing list, suggesting they could be emailing fans with their upcoming plans in the very near future.

The news comes more than half a year after Neck Deep’s last official release, which was the loved-up surprise single She’s A God. “It’s a song that is, pretty much, about worshipping your other half, but for the little things like waking up in the morning and seeing them get ready for the day,” said frontman Ben Barlow at the time. “Those moments where you’re just in awe of how glorious a person can be. It’s pretty simple, no deeper meaning here, just a love song comparing a relationship to theology.”

Anyway, check out the band’s latest update below:

Of course, we asked Ben last year about a follow-up to 2017’s excellent The Peace And The Panic album, with the vocalist explaining that he initially felt a lot of pressure going into album number four. Once the process was in motion, though, he calmed down.

“While we were doing the main bulk of the touring for The Peace And The Panic, we didn’t want to be in ‘album mode’ before that was all done,” he said. “You’re not always ready for that, and you have to put yourself in a creative space or get yourself in the right mindset. We had such an experience recording The Peace And The Panic – it was born in a pressure cooker, pretty much – that we were just like, ‘Let’s not think about the [new] album – let’s think about it when everyone has ideas to put forward.’ That time came and everyone was writing really good shit (laughs). We started compiling everything we had two or three months ago, and we’re making very good progress. It’s still gonna be a while off, because we want to make sure that it’s the absolute best it can be, but there’s plenty of good shit floating around!”

When asked about the potential musical direction that Neck Deep might be taking things, Ben admitted that they wanted to change things up a bit.

“Everyone’s on the same page: that it needs to be a little different, and it’s a culmination of where we feel like we can progress as a band, as well as taking inspiration from music that we listen to,” he explained. “I think you’d be surprised by some of the influences and the things that we’ve been writing! But it’s still gonna be a Neck Deep record; we’re not going to be doing anything mind-blowingly crazy, because that’s just not us. I’d love to make a fucking crazy prog-rock record or some shit like that, but that’s not Neck Deep, you know? As long as that core thing that makes it us is there, that’s the most important thing. On this one it’s definitely there – we’re not going to stray super far away, but it’s a good step forward.”

Watch this space…

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Posted on February 12th 2020, 3:52pm
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