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Nine Inch Nails Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Nine Inch Nails will be inducted into the Rock Hall alongside Depeche Mode, T-Rex and more

Nine Inch Nails are amongst the inductees to this year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The industrial pioneers became eligible in 2014 after their debut album Pretty Hate Machine turned 25, but now the Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross project has been officially recognised by the Rock Hall.

A sincere thank you goes out to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame voting body, it always feels great to be recognised for your artistic efforts and I am honoured,” said Trent. “Many congratulations to this year’s fellow inductees – see you back in Cleveland where it all began for me.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of Nine Inch Nails’ remarkable career!”

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Nine Inch Nails enter the Rock Hall this year alongside T-Rex, Depeche Mode, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston and The Doobie Brothers.

I’m thrilled Depeche finally made it in,” Trent told Rolling Stone. “When it gets weird for me is when you think about, ‘Okay, who’s in? Who’s out?’ And you see Kraftwerk and Todd Rundgren not get in. That’s when it’s like, ‘Okay, what’s the criteria here? These guys should absolutely fucking be in there.’ Both of those that I mentioned were hugely influential. I don’t think I would be me had those guys not existed. That’s where I think of it with a grain of salt.”

The induction ceremony will take place on May 2 at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio.

Posted on January 15th 2020, 1:39pm
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