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Oceans Red Premiere New Single, Home

If you like a bit of Crossfaith, or even Bury Tomorrow thrown in with some Pendulum electronics, Oceans Red are the band for you. Check out their new single, Home!
Oceans Red

European rave-metallers Oceans Red have dropped a brand new single, Home

The single is taken from their upcoming debut album Anevidence which is set to drop on November 6. The band are set to embark on a huge European tour this January with dates set to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

“I had goose bumps writing Home and everyone in the band passed this music through their hearts. That’s why it came up so epic, it’s pure emotions,” explains guitarist Jimmy Rose .”Being different people from different countries we’re an example of how music connects people better than any other thing in the world.

Posted on October 8th 2015, 4:30pm
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