Oli Sykes Guttural Bmth Studio Update April 2020
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Oli Sykes Brings Back The Guttural” In New Bring Me The Horizon Studio Update

Watch Oli Sykes get his guttural on in the latest video update from Bring Me The Horizon in the studio.

The new Bring Me The Horizon album is shaping up to be a wild listen based on the studio updates we’ve had from the band so far – from frontman Oli Sykes tracking vocals on an anthemic electro-rock style song, to guitarist Lee Malia cooking up some black metal‑y” riffs.

And the latest update from the Sheffield titans will have old-school fans stoked, as Oli unleashes some Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season-era growls and announces, The guttural is back. 2020 is the year of the guttural.”

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After conjuring up some new lyrics to apply to these screams (seemingly Jordan Fish’s assessment of buh da day da buh day da’ doesn’t quite cut it), Oli encourages the listeners to jump, jump, jump, jump’ in this new jam before screaming, Pass the flask cause I’m bathing in blood.’ Gnarly.

Speaking to Kerrang! late last year about how Horizon’s 2019 album amo was a stepping-stone into new waters for the future, Oli said, It was obviously a very personal album, and I didn’t want to write it in the first place, in terms of what I was singing about – but I had to. You can only really sing about what’s going through your head, and that was all that was there at the time. But each day that’s passed, it’s more and more insignificant to me. I can still sing something like [2013 single] Can You Feel My Heart and feel the emotions that I felt when I wrote it, but with amo, everything that I was talking about feels so irrelevant now because it doesn’t sting. I can’t even remember the person I was talking about. And that’s how all personal kinds of things feel to me right now: not very important compared to other stuff that’s going on.

I get way more upset over world issues than I do anything in my own life,” he continued. We wrote the album that we always wanted to in terms of doing whatever the fuck we wanted – writing some pop songs, and getting to explore more electronic and dance, and just going absolutely crazy! And it’s left us in a position now that it feels like we can do anything. We could make a straight-up pop album, we could make a death metal album… we can go wherever we want. With amo there was a different set of barriers, and to go to those places it felt like we maybe couldn’t do certain other things. I don’t know why, but it feels like we can do whatever we want now. We’re more free than we’ve ever been.” 

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Posted on April 7th 2020, 1:36p.m.
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