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Oli Sykes Talks Bring Me The Horizon’s “Aggressive” New Music

Oli Sykes has explained why Bring Me The Horizon’s next record will take a heavier direction.

While we await the arrival of Bring Me The Horizon’s single Parasite Eve on June 25, Oli Sykes has teased the more “aggressive” direction the band’s new music is taking at the moment.

In a new studio update video titled 10BMTHS2-mick gordon-.mp4, the frontman begins the clip by lifting the lid on how Horizon approached their upcoming material, explaining, “So for the songs we are working on for this new record, we knew that they were going to be a bit more aggressive in nature.”

Interestingly, Oli then calls the band’s latest effort “this first record” as he goes on to describe where his head at both lyrically and sonically, which reflects his comments in November last year that they hope to release “multiple records” in 2020.

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“This first record is very much a protest record,” he says. “It’s trying to capture the anger, sadness, frustration, fear, paranoia and everything I think we are all collectively going through right now.”

Looking ahead to the future, he adds that, “Each record that we make going forward will have a very different tone” – which is unsurprising given the sound of their Music to… EP released late last year.

But it’s not just world issues that are inspiring Oli and the band to move forwards in this way; the frontman reveals that playing video games – specifically DOOM Eternal – during lockdown has also provided inspiration, with the band coming to the realisation that they should collaborate with composer Mick Gordon (hence the name of this studio video).

“As I was playing it, I absolutely fell in love with the soundtrack,” he enthuses. “It’s fucking crazy, it’s heavy as fuck. At first, when we were writing Parasite Eve especially, I was referencing a lot of this DOOM game. I was playing it during the day and then me and Jordan [Fish] would work at night. [We were] using it as a reference because the sounds in there sound so huge and so hitting in a way I haven’t heard in any other metal music.”

Once the collaboration was agreed upon, Oli says that Mick came back with a “sound library” for them to work with on the song – and we’ll leave you to watch the rest of the video, because there’s an almighty preview of Parasite Eve in there. Phwoar

Posted on June 24th 2020, 4:52pm
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