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Oops! Angry customers in the Philippines confuse Converge for an internet provider

Boston hardcore icons Converge have been receiving some rather irate feedback… intending for someone else

Hardcore legends Converge have been forced to issue a statement about the fact they are, err, a hardcore band.

The Boston brutalists had been receiving numerous complaints on Facebook from outraged Filipinos complaining about their internet service, mistaking the band’s page for that of Philippine internet provider Converge.

Hey everyone… still just a hardcore band over here,” said Converge (the band) in a statement. COVID has not forced us to become an internet provider in the Philippines yet, but we hope everyone over there gets their internet access back.

While you’re here though click the link to our webstore and grab yourself a cool T‑shirt or something,” they add.

There’s no word on when the ISP will be touring Brazil.

As well as using their time to assuage angry customers, Converge are rumoured to be releasing a new album later this year, following on from new track I Won’t Let You Go that featured in Cyberpunk 2077 late last year.

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Posted on January 18th 2021, 10:28a.m.
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