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Palaye Royale’s Live! Tonight! At Home! As Been Postponed

Palaye Royale are postponing all album promo to focus on change

Palaye Royale have postponed their upcoming Live! Tonight! At Home! stream with Kerrang!.

In a statement shared on the band’s Instagram, the Sin City troupe say they’re delaying all promo for new album The Bastards to focus on “achieving justice and change” in the wake of ongoing events in the United States.

Abolish hate, adopt love,” begins the Instagram post.

We are currently living through a moment where every single person must use their voice and platform to demand justice and stand up to inequality. At this time we will be postponing any content about ourselves and the album, only focusing on achieving justice and change! This must be talked about, we have the power for revolution. Choose love over hate, compassion over ego, kindness instead of racism. Treat each other with respect, help one another and stay safe.”

Stay tuned for further updates on Live! Tonight! At Home!.

Posted on June 1st 2020, 10:58am
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