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Panic! At The Disco Won’t Be Taking Photos With Fans Or Signing Autographs Outside Their Hotels Anymore

Panic! At The Disco have unfortunately now had to put new rules in place after feeling “creeped out”.

Following frontman Brendon Urie’s recent (and very reasonable) request for fans to stop kissing him at gigs, Panic! At The Disco have unfortunately now had to put new rules in place whereby they will no longer take photos or sign autographs outside their hotels.

Over the weekend, Panic!’s tour manager and security guard Zack Hall said on Twitter that he was feeling “creeped out” by people learning where the band were staying on the road, and waiting outside hotels to meet Brendon and co. at their “weird little home away from home”.

That’s that,” Zack said. “No more taking pictures or getting autographs at our hotels. That’s our weird little home away from home and I’m done feeling creeped out because you are creepy enough to think that’s ok to come and wait for us to walk past you. Love you guys but please stop.”

He also added in his replies: “So you think because someone does something like a movie or music that it gives you the right to follow them and show at their hotels and homes? The thing they signed up to give you is their art or craft, not their privacy.”

When asked how fans even find out this sort of information in the first place, Zack replied: “Mostly they see us out and follow us back to the hotel or they have someone that works at the hotels that lets them know when we are coming in. Same with the eBay people at airports. They pay someone at TSA or the airline for the info. It’s creepy as fuck.”

Check out Zack’s tweet below, along with a thankfully positive and respectful response from fans:

The inappropriate behaviour follows Brendon’s dismay that people were trying to kiss him during the ‘Death Walk’ when he walks into the crowd during the Death Of A Bachelor segment of Panic!’s shows.

“I went in for a hug and a girl kissed my neck,” he stated. “My sweaty, gross neck. The neck kiss is so intimate, too… it’s like an extra ‘Fuck you!’ to me. You know what I mean? Please stop kissing me, on the ‘Death Walk’.”

Posted on April 8th 2019, 1:18pm
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