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Pantera Reveal Vinnie Paul’s Headstone

Vinnie Paul’s official headstone has been revealed on Instagram

The headstone of late Pantera/Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott has been revealed on social media.

Originally posted by a Dimebag Darrell fan page on Facebook, the headstone reads: “Don’t ever think it’s not a good time, if you do think it’s not a good time, a good time is a good time, a bad time is a bad time, and a wonderful time is irreplaceable. Hellyeah!”

Vinnie died on June 22 last year and was buried beside is brother Dimebag Darrell on June 30. A placeholder headstone is currently marking the grave, but this new ornate headstone is set to be laid soon.

Following the reveal on the fan page, Pantera posted a clarification on Instagram stating that the image was posted without permission, but once the grave marker was placed, they will let fans know.

There is a lot of bad info floating around about Vinnie’s grave marker,” reads the statement. “The photo you have seen was unauthorized. It was taken & released without our permission. The marker has not been placed on Vinnie’s grave yet. Once it has been placed - we will post & officially let you know. Here is a photo of the entire marker. Please don’t believe random things you read on the internet.”

Hellyeah recently announced that Stone Sour drummer Ray Mayorga will replace Vinnie Paul. The band’s upcoming record will feature some of Vinnie’s final ever recordings.

“[Vinnie would] be pissed off at all of us for putting all this work into finishing the record and then just letting it sit there on the shelf while we put a couple of songs to radio and whatever… and we know that,” said bassist Kyle Sanders.

Hellyeah’s new album Welcome Home will be released September 27 via Eleven Seven Music.

Posted on May 21st 2019, 10:42am
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