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Pearl Jam And Soundgarden Drummer Matt Cameron Announces Debut Solo Album

He’s stepping out of the background with a long-player of his own, Cavedweller.

Matt Cameron, drummer with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden – it’s with the latter act that he made his name, playing on their breakthrough records of the late 1980s and early 1990s – is to release a debut solo album in just a couple of weeks.

Cavedweller, released via Migrane Music, comes out on September 22, and runs to nine tracks, which are as follows.

1: Time Can’t Wait
2: All At Once
3: Blind
4: Through The Ceiling
5: One Special Lady
6: In The Trees
7: Into The Fire
8: Real And Imagined
9: Unnecessary

Is it just us, or do those titles read like chapters of a book, or something? Is this gonna be a concept album, Matt? Either way, looking forward to this one. Check out the little teaser for the LP that went out via both the Pearl Jam and Soundgarden Twitter accounts:

And get your eyes around the album artwork, below. Nice.

Matt Cameron Cavedweller
Posted on September 6th 2017, 9:29am
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