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Pete Wentz Livestreamed A Fall Out Boy Show… Using Action Figures

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz took livestreaming to a whole new level while in self-quarantine.

While many bands have announced special livestreams during the coronavirus outbreak, Pete Wentz has just taken the concept to a whole new level, recreating a Fall Out Boy show using action figures of the band.

The bassist used items from their 2006 SOTA Toys range – though it seems as though he only has figures of himself, vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump and guitarist Joe Trohman, with drummer Andy Hurley taking an altogether, er, different form. It’s not how we remember Andy from 2006, let’s just put it that way.

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Anyway, Pete busted out Save Rock And Roll banger The Phoenix for an arrangement of toys watching on, as well as 2005 mega-single Sugar, We’re Goin Down. The gig took place on some boxes of Life multigrain cereal, so at least we also know Pete is keeping up his intake of fibre during quarantine, too.

As an added bonus, Pete also decided to wear the fangs from Fall Out Boy’s video for A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”… and they still seem to fit!

It would be rude not to give the full video a re-watch now, right?

Anyway, for more Fall Out Boy goodness, be sure to listen to our Inside Track podcast, in which the band reveal all the stories behind the songs on their latest greatest hits compilation, Believers Never Die – Volume 2:

Posted on March 25th 2020, 1:45pm
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