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Pijn and Conjurer: “The World is Shit, But Together We Can Power Through and Celebrate Life in All its Silly Glory”

EXCLUSIVE: Stream the entire collaboration, Curse These Metal Hands, ahead of its release Friday.

UK mega-heavies Pijn and Conjurer teamed up to release a four-song collaboration called Curse These Metal Hands. Originally intended as a collaboration set for ArcTanGent, it’s far from what most would expect from these bands putting their heads together: Rather than the gut-rumbling, utterly contemptuous Conjurer, or the ambient, delicate, layered post-rock of Pijn, this brainchild is soaring, triumphant, and specifically intended to induce joy — both in the band members and the listener. In a time when it feels like everyone worldwide could use a bit of joy, the two bands have set out to show the heavy music can be a useful vehicle for doing so.

“Heavy music is absolutely one of the most joyous art forms. Even the grisliest, most morbid and spiritually bleak black metal band should still bring people together in celebration,” says Pijn’s Nick Watmough. “And if it isn’t — if it’s pushing people apart, or excluding people — then it’s got it all fucking wrong.

Conjurer’s Dan Nightingale agrees: “I guess you could say [heavy music is] not typically associated with joy, but that’s not to say it’s an inherently negative style of music either. Of course heavy music can be joyous, there are tons of sonically happy heavy albums out there – Kvelertak’s debut and Torche’s Harmonicraft being just two examples – but at the end of the day, even if you get something positive out of something as haunting and visceral as Lingua Ignota, then that says a lot about what heavy music has to offer. It’s what you get out of it that matters, regardless of whether it’s in a major or minor key, and I think because of the greater focus on emotion and catharsis that heavy music has, that’s why people within those circles are generally more in touch with themselves and other people.”

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“We hope that everyone who listens to Curse These Metal Hands then goes out and picks up a guitar, puts on a leather jacket, drinks an ice cold can of lager or non-alcoholic beer, and makes even more joyous riffs,” Nick concludes. “The world is shit and getting shitter, but together we can power through and celebrate life in all its silly glory.”

Listen to the full album (which we rated KKKK, by the way!) right now, have your spirits lifted, and do as Nick says. Preorders are available now.

Curse These Metal Hands UK tour 2019


07 Bristol, UK @ ArcTanGent Festival
25 London, UK @ Portals All-Dayer

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Posted on August 14th 2019, 3:00pm
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