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Poppy launches new vegan footwear line

She’s teamed up with Manchester’s Koi Footwear for her cruelty-free Poppy’s Little Secret collection…

Good news for fans of wearing things on your feet while simultaneously not harming animals: Poppy has announced a new line of vegan shoes. Teaming up with Koi Footwear, she’s designed two shoes (like, two designs, not one for each foot), which will be available to order from 8pm BST on May 6

Am I dreaming? Working with Poppy? No, this is reality and is something I have to remind myself often,” says Koi Footwear CEO Uzair Ahmad. Creatively, she is the best out there at what she does, so having this opportunity to co-design this collection with her is nothing short of a dream come true.”

Both the PEPPY and DEAR lines (the latter of which features spikes) come with a hologram locket as a keepsake of the collab. Head to their site for more info.


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Poppy recently performed at the GRAMMYs, at which she premiered killer new song EAT. Speaking to Kerrang! about being nominated for an award, the musician revealed of her feelings when the news came through, It was unexpected, but it was great. The GRAMMYs are the GRAMMYs, they’re one of the biggest and greatest awards that you can get in music. But there are some people that I love and respect who have never been nominated, and it’s a very small percentage of people who get to have that attached to their name for the rest of their career – GRAMMY nominated’ or GRAMMY award winner’, whatever that may be. I never thought it would happen, but now I can call myself a GRAMMY nominated artist, and I am very excited about it (laughs).”

Check out the performance of EAT below:

Poppy also told K! about her love for heavy music and if that will feed into a new album: I’d say yes to that. Though the new album that I’ve made is going to be left open to interpretation by the listener, I would say that it still has the influence of heavy music.” Hell yeah!

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Posted on May 6th 2021, 12:19p.m.
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