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PUP Announce EP And Release Brand-New Single, Rot

Listen to Rot, taken from PUP’s upcoming This Place Sucks Ass EP.

Toronto punk chaps PUP have announced a brilliantly-titled This Place Sucks Ass EP to keep us going through the shitshow that is 2020.

The band will be unveiling the full six-track release on October 23, with new single Rot available to hear now. As well as this latest track, This Place Sucks Ass will feature Anaphylaxis, three unheard songs from the sessions for 2019’s Morbid Stuff album, and a cover of Grandaddy’s A.M. 180.

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“It was a thing we used to say as a joke a million times on tour,” explains frontman Stefan Babcock of the title of the EP. “Literally any city, whether it was Lethbridge, Alberta, or New York City, we’d be like, ‘This place sucks ass.’ We have so much negativity, and sometimes it becomes so extreme and ridiculous that we start to find it funny. But at this moment in time, it feels so fucking real.

“Wherever you are, it sucks ass right now. So, wherever you live, whatever your circumstances, this is an EP about the place you’re from, and the place you’re at now.”

Listen to Rot below:

For more PUP goodness, watch the band’s classic K! Pit in London from last year:

Posted on September 17th 2020, 3:30pm
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