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Robb Flynn responds to abusive comments and death threats online

Machine Head frontman responds to Trump supporters who’ve been sending him hateful comments on social media.

After Robb Flynn addressed last week’s U.S. Capitol riots with a poem titled Vomitous Creatures And Cretins, the Machine Head frontman has shared a few hateful and abusive direct messages he has received of late – and seemingly brushed them off due to the fact that he’s used to receiving death threats at least twice a week”.

Posting just a little taste” of his inbox, the musician explains how long he has coped with negative comments. I have literally dealt with this for 30 years,” Robb writes. Before it was in mail and handwritten letters, then it was emails and message boards, now it’s DMs and the comment section.

Just so we’re all crystal clear… I am not going anywhere. I will not shut up.”

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He then goes on to request that those who don’t like the things he says, or don’t agree with his politics, should just hit unfollow’. No-one is forcing you to be here,” the frontman reasons. You are free to speak your opinions here, as long as you are respectful and not spamming, and I keep a pretty long leash on what is respectful’.”

Addressing the senders of this abuse – who he keeps anonymous – Robb continues: And for those of you who did write this to me, consider this a warning. I purposefully left your names off of this post. This is the last time I will do that. Let there be no mistake, I will not hesitate to Dox you the fuck out.

I’ve been a public figure for most of my adult life, I’m used to people threatening me, I had over 1000 death threats after the racism in metal’ video [which called out Phil Anselmo in 2016]. I still get death threats at least twice a week. I accept it for what it is.

But the second people start threatening my wife and my kids, you’ve crossed the line, a line I will not ever accept.

Don’t believe me? FUCKING BRING IT!!”

Read the full post below:

Posted on January 11th 2021, 4:41p.m.
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