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Saves The Day Return With Rendezvous, Announce New Album

The album tells the story of the band from the perspective of its founder.

Emo pioneers Saves The Day released their new single Rendezvous yesterday, and we’re psyched. Check it out below — it’s classic STD (we bet they wish they’d spotted the unfortunate acronym for their name back in 1997):

With the release of Rendezvous, the band are also announcing the release of 9 – their first new album in five years – on October 26 on the home to their seminal ’90s stuff, Equal Vision Records. 9 will be Saves The Day’s ninth studio record and contains nine songs that, when listened to together, tell the story of the band from the perspective of its sole remaining founding member, Chris Conley.

The album is an autobiographical look into the band’s history. On the surface, 9 chronicles the epic story of a group of kids from New Jersey who followed their dream and became an international sensation. On a deeper level, it’s the story of how Chris “woke up” and became aware of his own consciousness through his relationship with music and the unbelievable adventures it has inspired since he formed the act back in the ’90s.

We’re very much looking forward to it.

Saves The Day 9

Saves the Day’s 9 is now available for pre-order here.

Posted on August 15th 2018, 12:12pm
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