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Scarlxrd Releases New Video For HEAD GXNE, Announces New Album Infinity

Watch Scarlxrd’s new video for HEAD GXNE, taken from new album Infinity

Fresh off announcing North American tour dates with Bring Me The Horizon, Scarlxrd has dropped a new video for HEAD GXNE and revealed details of new album Infinity.

Infinity is the follow-up to 2018’s debut album DXXM, and will be released on March 15.

But that’s not all, to celebrate the release of Infinity, Scarlxrd is playing a show at Electrowerkz in London on release day!


Scarlxrd is touring North America with Bring Me The Horizon in May. Kerrang! recently spoke to the man himself, who said he is inspired by BMTH’s journey and their legacy as a band.

“No-one’s gonna say it now, but in another three/four years, they’re gonna be the band on everyone’s tongue, man. No-one wants to say it now, everyone wants to talk shit, but when people talk shit it’s a positive thing, it means you’re doing something right.

I can guarantee that they’re gonna be up there because they’re not afraid to change, they’re not afraid to develop, they’re not afraid to explore, and they’ve been a band for so fucking long. Their legacy is just gonna go, and that inspires me.”

Scarlxrd is joining Bring Me The Horizon at All Points East in London on May 31. Get your All Points East tickets now.

Posted on February 28th 2019, 5:01pm
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