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Serj Tankian premieres two new songs from Cinematique opus

Take a peek at the System Of A Down singer’s instrumentals Waiting For The Submarine and Blues now…

Serj Tankian has been a busy man in lockdown. As well as releasing his recent Elasticity EP, the System Of A Down frontman has also been hard at work on a two-part, 25-track opus, Cinematique. 

Split into two distinct moods – one more traditionally classical, dubbed Violent Violins, and a more modern take, Illuminate – Serj has now given a peek at a cut from each: Waiting For The Submarine from the former, and from Illuminate, Blues. 

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Talking to Kerrang! around the release of Elasticity, Serj told us how making music across such a wide variety of styles works for him, and how it isn’t that much of a creative stretch, just a different mood.

Each genre has its own potency: rock is the music of revolution, rock is the music of protest and change,” he said. Classical music has the subtleties of so much emotion that can touch upon the rebellious nature of rock in one point, then be so vulnerable and beautiful in another way that rock can’t touch. Jazz has so many implications and capabilities, from sexy vibes to crazy progressive elements.

Genres of music are like different types of food; you can’t just eat pizza all day.”

Listen to Waiting For The Submarine and Blues below:

Posted on July 29th 2021, 1:05p.m.
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