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Singer Of Tribute Band Catches Fire During Set – But Keeps Playing!

Bobby Jensen from rock tribute act Hairball caught fire during their set – but that didn’t stop him!

Rock’n’roll tribute band Hairball from Minnesota went viral this week… but perhaps for the wrong reason.

Vocalist Bobby Jensen – doing his best Paul Stanley impersonation – caught fire during the band’s set in Sioux City, Iowa, but kept playing while the roadcrew valiantly attempted to put his flaming hair out.

Following a pyrotechnic mishap, Bobby hair goes up in smoke, causing band members and crew to rush the stage and put out his barnet – and he doesn’t miss a step. Seriously, he doesn’t even stop playing.

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I knew right away,” he told the Des Moines Register. “I knew right away when the fire hit my back that I was on fire. I just knew stand there, keep playing. … I knew if I had ran, they had to chase a guy on fire.”

Luckily there was no bodily harm done, although Bobby did say that his clothes now stink.

The real-life KISS are headlining this year’s Download festival on June 12-14 at Donington. Get your tickets now.

Posted on February 18th 2020, 10:51am
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