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Slayer Frontman Tom Araya Sings Songs From The Minions Movies To His Granddaughter

Maybe a new venture to take on full-time after their farewell tour?

In ridiculously cute (and somewhat surprising, given his day job) news, Slayer frontman Tom Araya sings songs from the Minions movies – amongst other childhood music – to his granddaughter.

In an interview on with the vocalist/bassist’s daughter, Ariel, loads of fun stuff – from having a famous father, to watching Slayer’s Unholy Alliance tour at a young age – is covered. But the biggest revelation? That one of metal’s biggest icons sings his granddaughter, Leontina, Minions material when he’s away from the stage.

I’m not sure who the artist of the song is, but he’ll sing Take You Riding In My Car to her,” Ariel says of Tom’s crooning antics on the side. “He also sings any songs from the Minions movie soundtrack, like Happy Together by The Turtles. She gets the biggest baby doll eyes and laughs and showers him in kisses.”

There is not enough a big enough “AWWWWWW” that can be written here following this information.

Slayer are, of course, in the midst of their stunning UK and European farewell tour. Don’t miss it.

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Posted on November 8th 2018, 6:00pm
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