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Slayer Look Back On 37 Years Of Band Merch And Swag

Shoes, skateboards and snowglobes – all in a day’s work for Slayer!

In their latest retrospective video, the blood-stained thrash legends Slayer look back on 37 years of the best band swag and merchandise.

From Christmas jumpers to bottles of red wine to snowglobes, Slayer has had a hand in pretty much everything.

“Slayer has a lot of cool shit,” says frontman Tom Araya with a smile, “and believe it or not, that’s something that I wanted to do, I wanted the band to be involved in or to have more of a product line.”

In the below video, Slayer go through some of their favourite pieces of Slayer swag including bikes, snowboards, skateboards and a very metal-looking beer stein. Plus, the different variations of Vans, from leather with blood-splatters to high-tops with the eagle logo.

Kerry King goes on to say he’s a fan of the “cool as shit” decade of aggression metal box, along with the giant die-cast eagle box for Repentless.

Slayer are playing their final ever UK show at Download festival on Jun 14-16. Get your tickets now.

Posted on April 4th 2019, 3:35pm
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