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Sludge Bands Cover Black Flag’s My War For Cvlt Nation Compilation Series

A complete reworking of the 1984 classic LP, by a load of great sludge bands including Hellkeeper, ​No Funeral, Skincarver, ​16 and Devoidov.

As part of their Cvlt Nation Sessions cover album series, the great guys at Cvlt Nation have just put out this brilliant reworking of Black Flag’s 1984 album My War, with a line up of sludge bands including Hellkeeper, No Funeral, Skincarver, 16 and Devoidov putting a fucked up, sludgy spin on an already fucked up, sludgy album. Think of this as My War to the power of ten, maths fans.

Have a listen below then download it for free here or here.

Here’s the original album, to compare:

Posted on March 13th 2018, 11:27am
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