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Southern Lord Announces Heavyweight Label Showcase Gig

Amsterdam, prepare to doom like you’ve never doomed before as Sunn O))), Magma and more come to town on October 29.

Celebrated label of all things butt-clenchingly heavy, Southern Lord, has confirmed a spectacular label showcase for this October, to be held in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Appearing at the city’s Melkweg venue is a cast of – and let’s be frank here – absolute titans of their chosen dark arts. Check the poster below for the full bill, because it’s really Quite Something.

Southern Lord Showcase Poster

You’re going to want to strap your bowels in for this one. Tickets for what promises to be one of the gigs of the year – this year, next year, whatever, pick a year, any year, as chances are there’ll be few better line-ups taking to the same stage on the same day – are on sale now, here

“Nowhere else have all these bands shared a venue together in one night,” reads a statement from Southern Lord, “and we’re thrilled to make it happen.”

We’re thrilled too, but there might be a reason for the unprecedented nature of this soiree – you’ve got to think that lesser venues would be levelled by such a bill. Thank goodness, then, that the multi-room Melkweg has deep foundations. (Does the Melkweg have particularly deep foundations? Can we check that? Thanks.)

Here’s a little showcase trailer for your eyes, as a bonus.

Sunn O))) photograph by Peter Beste.

Posted on August 14th 2017, 12:09pm
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