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St. Vincent wants to make a metal album: I’m angry again!”

Following covers of Metallica’s Sad But True and Nine Inch Nails’ Piggy, St. Vincent has set her sights on a full-on” metal record…

After recently covering Sad But True for the huge Metallica Blacklist album, and tackling Nine Inch Nails’ Piggy with Dave Grohl in 2020, St. Vincent – real name Annie Clark – has declared her intention to make a metal album.

Following the release of sixth LP Daddy’s Home in May 2021, the musician tells NME that she’s angry again” and wants to make a full-on” metal album. I want to make that record,” St. Vincent enthuses. There’s a season for all of it. There’s a season for warmth and then there’s a season for fuck you’!”

She also went into a bit more detail about what covering both Sad But True and Piggy means to her in terms of her relationship to those two absolute classics.

Metallica to me are a bit more of a nostalgic love,” St. Vincent explains. I played bass in a metal band when I was 13 and always wanted to be the guitar player! Bass was the only position that no-one wanted. They have a very specific personality type. If you need a friend, then a bass player is always solid. You can’t really fuck around with drummers and lead guitars, but it’s in a bassist’s personality type to be deeply supportive and bring everyone together. Anyway, we played those songs at junior high talent shows. It was fun to get under the hood. You think you know a song, then you really play it and it’s so interesting. I really found that with Piggy.”

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Earlier this year, St. Vincent told that she initially wanted her sixth album to be more Tool-inspired.

The crazy thing about music is, you can plan and plan and think you’re gonna go one way, and then you start writing and the music just takes you wherever the music takes you,” she said. That was certainly the experience with this. I was dead set in my mind that after Masseducation I was just gonna make this like, heavy record. Like just heavy the whole time – like, Hey kids, you like Tool? Well, you’ll love the St. Vincent record,’ you know?”

Posted on July 7th 2021, 11:10a.m.
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