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Swedish Band Truckfighters Robbed In San Francisco

Truckfighters, a Swedish band currently on tour along the West Coast of the USA, were robbed while playing a San Fransisco show a couple of nights ago.

We’ve no shame admitting we saw this over on the brilliant, and felt it was worth a boost through our channels too. Truckfighters, a Swedish band currently on tour along the West Coast of the USA, were robbed while playing a San Francisco show a couple of nights ago. That’s a bad enough situation if you’re in your home country, but imagine that happening thousands of miles from home? What a total nightmare situation.

The band posted this message on their Facebook:

“Smash and grab through our van window yesterday night in San Francisco. Happened during our gig. Valuable things like a lot of cash and computer got stolen… Americans please buy a lot of merch on the rest of the tour so we can afford to [get] home ;) If you see a macbook air with Truckfighters and Fuzzorama Records stickers on it call the police!”

They’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign to get themselves home and recoup some of their losses. Their goal is 50000 SEK (near enough $6000), feel free to chip in and help them out here.

If you’re in a band and something like this happens to you on tour, drop us a line on Twitter or however you like, and we’ll try and help you out by boosting your story.

Check out Truckfighters’ 2016 album V right here:

Posted on November 10th 2017, 12:30pm
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