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System Of A Down Bassist Discusses Band’s Early Days In Documentary

Shavo Odadjian explains how their first show at the Roxy in Hollywood ended in chaos.

Shavo Odadjian has discussed System Of A Down’s early years in a mini-documentary called PRØFILES.

In the four-minute clip, Odadjian reveals his determination to secure a gig at The Roxy club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood in the mid 90s.

“We did something cool as a band but we had to push and push,” says Odadjian. “I was managing System when we started. I used to work in a bank and in between wire transfers, I would call the Roxy up and try to ask for gigs. They would not give us a gig and I would keep calling and they would hang up on me constantly. I didn’t care.”

“I nagged the dude at the Roxy so much. Dude said, ‘Well, I don’t know who you are – can you sell tickets?’ He gave me 75 tickets and we sold like 150 of them,” he adds. “May 28, 1995. 35 people in the crowd, then we got on and 150-200 people came in and chaos happened. They all left because they didn’t want to see anyone else and all of a sudden there were 30 people again.

“I believe in always grinding I believe in always having a goal. Every day wake up and I’m fucking grateful. I take nothing for granted.”

The bassist recently revealed that System Of A Down have a stockpile of material, but fans shouldn’t expect to hear it any time soon.

“If it was my way, it would be now. But it’s not, it takes four to tango,”he told KROQ’s Kevin and Bean. “I’m hoping, I’m wishing, you know? We still love each other.”

Posted on October 25th 2018, 3:08pm
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