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System Of A Down Frontman Serj Tankian Is Making A Documentary

The System of A Down frontman didn’t offer a release date yet, but this should be awesome.

Serj Tankian, System Of A Down frontman and longtime activist, announced today vis his Instagram that he is working on a new documentary about his activism and career. The announcement was paired with a grainy photo of Serj playing a keyboard for his old band Forever Young in what must be the early ‘90s.

He writes:

“We’re making a music documentary film about activism and my career so we’ve been looking for old recordings, photos, videos. Today’s #throwbackfriday comes from my first music gig as keyboardist for a band called Forever Young-sorry for the poor quality as it was taken from an old video.”

Serj has been a longtime human rights activist — in fact, one of the reasons System Of A Down became a band was to bring awareness to the Armenian Genocide, which the American government (and much of the world at large) has refused to acknowledge, as well as addressing issues like the war on terror, capitalism, overpopulation, environmentalism, and the prison system. Even though System Of A Down is unlikely to put out another album any time soon and has only played a handful of reunion shows, he has continued his activism by leading protests, writing articles, and weaving political lyrics into all of his solo and side projects.

It’s safe to say we’re very excited for this movie to come out! As of now there’s no release date, but hopefully he’ll keep us all in the loop.


Posted on April 5th 2019, 7:56pm
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