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The Answers To Kerrang!‘s Heavy Trivia Quiz

How did you score? Here are all the answers to the Kerrang! Heavy Trivia Quiz, in association with Knotfest and Iowa No. 9

And so the time has come for the answers to Kerrang!‘s Heavy Trivia Quiz, in association with Knotfest.com and Iowa No.9 whiskey.

Whether you watched the quiz live or you’re just catching up, thank you so much for tuning in and being a part of the biggest rock and metal quiz night of all time. 

As you know, there were a total six rounds (including a picture round) and a total of 55 points available. There’s one point for each correct answer and there are two points per question in the picture round. It’s up to you if you’re handing out half-points, it depends how generous you’re feeling.

Here are the answers to the Kerrang! Heavy Trivia Quiz. Let us know how you did on social media using #KerrangHeavyTrivia. Those of you that do will be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of Iowa No. 9 (see terms and conditions below).

Kerrang! Heavy Trivia Quiz Answers

Round One: Album Openers

1. a) Wrathchild
2. b) A street
3. b) The Grudge
4. a) Wishing Wells
5. a) Angel Of Death
6. c) You’re never gonna escape
7. c) Rock’n’Roll
8. d) Vulture
9. c) Witch

Round Two: The Last 12 Months

1. Whoops! We got this wrong. It turns out they’re all on the record.
2. b) A unicorn
3. a) Rabbit
4. a) It Took Everything
5. b) Norway
6. c) Once You Leave Them
7. a) Annabelle
8. b) Gold And Grey
9. a) Kentucky

Round Three: Debut Albums

1. d) Love
2. a) Korn
3. b) Ember To Inferno
4. d) Daredevil
5. d) At The Drive In
6. a) Angels
7. d) Black Sabbath
8. a) Blessings
9. b) Burn The Priest

Round Four: The 1990s

1. d) Marilyn Manson
2. c) Far Beyond Driven
3. b) Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
4. c) Significant Other by Limp Bizkit
5. a) Metallica’s Black Album
6. b) Smash by The Offspring
7. c) Faith No More
8. c) 23
9. b) 68

Round Five: Slipknot

1. a) Death
2. c) Joey
3. d) Before I Forget
4. a) (sic)
5. b) Get This
6. b) The barcode on the band’s first release
7. d) Vendetta
8. c) Scotland
9. c) Docklands Arena, London

Picture Round (one point for artist, one point for song title)

1. Rammstein – Sonne
2. Metallica – One
3. Weezer – Keep Fishin’
4. Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage
5. Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

Thanks to Knotfest and Iowa No. 9 for getting involved and making the whole thing possible, and to all the musicians who have contributed, too. You can find out more about Slipknot Whiskey here. 21+ only.

Terms & conditions for Iowa No.9 competition 

There is no reward for playing the Kerrang! Heavy Trivia Quiz. 

You must be 21+ to play and be entered into the prize draw. Proof of age will be required to claim any prize. 

1. Supply of prize: Kerrang! is the promoter of the competition, and Iowa No. 9 are the provider of the prizes.
2. Iowa No. 9 grants Kerrang! the right to offer the prize for the competition.
3. The prize is described as a bottle of Iowa No. 9.
4. Kerrang! will inform the competition winners if they have won and secure their delivery details, and Iowa No. 9 will be responsible for despatching the prize to the winners.
5. All transfer of information will be governed by the Data Protection Legislation, and will not be shared with third parties by Kerrang! or Iowa No.9.
6. Iowa No. 9 is responsible for ensuring that the prize complies with applicable laws, health and safety legislation, trading and other industry standard regulations.
7. The closing date of the competition is July 272020

Posted on July 16th 2020, 9:53p.m.
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