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The Ghost Inside’s Zach Johnson Just Had His 13th Bus Crash-Related Surgery

That’s a lot of surgeries.

The Ghost Inside guitarist Zach Johnson recently had to undergo his thirteenth surgery related to the injuries caused by the band’s November 2015 bus crash. The major injuries the poor guy has had to deal with include a broken pelvis, a broken right femur and having several toes amputated.

His latest surgery was an unplanned one: he caught an infection from a screw left in his knee to correct one of the breaks, and had to get it fixed. Here’s a bit more info on his situation:

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Caption reads:

So Thursday I was suppose to fly to Vegas to surprise @thejimriley for his birthday and see the boys. I’ve been having knee issues, and had a CT scan planned for the day after I got back. When I woke up Thursday my knee was hugeeeeeee and rest of my leg was swollen. I was advised to go to the ER, and never left. They did surgery the next morning, clearing out tons of infected tissue and fluid, and taking out the screw in my knee. I’ve most likely had this infection for a long time (months or more), so they are keeping a close eye on it. The past few days I’ve had a fever of 102 deg +. When Im cleared I’ll got home with a PICC line and administer anti-biotics 4 times a day for the next 6 weeks. So lucky number 13 surgery done, and hope it’s the last.

Caption reads:

Before surgery my doc said there’d be a 4 inch incision on the side of my knee…yea sure haha. Hoping they got all the infection out at least. I’m on day 2 of not running a fever which is good, and gets me closer to heading home. I’ve most likely had this infection for months or more, which would explain why I’ve been so tired and out of it! Thanks for the well wishes and love!

Get well soon Zach!

Posted on September 3rd 2018, 12:24p.m.
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