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The Grammy Awards Had Some Metal Moments

Code Orange didn’t win but they looked cool, Foo Fighters won for a great song and Ice T did it for metal.

The Grammys were a good time last night. Our old friends the Foo Fighters took home Best Rock Song for Run. Code Orange didn’t win Best Metal Performance like we all hoped they were going to, but at least it went to the mighty Mastodon for Sultan’s Curse and not, like, Maroon 5 or something - sometimes the Grammys aren’t so great at knowing what is and isn’t metal.

Both acts went to town on their outfits though. 

Mastodon went for a “chill uncle at your sister’s wedding” vibe:

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Code Orange leaned more towards “SEAL Team 6: Goth Division”:

A post shared by Code Orange (@codeorangetoth) on

Such a strong look, and that’s an excellent Type O Negative t shirt too - probably the hardest awards ceremony outfits since Jodeci went to the 1992 Billboard Awards with machetes:

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Elsewhere in the evening, Body Count performed their Bloodlust single Black Hoodie, which was another nominee for the year’s Best Heavy Metal Performance award. “We’re doing this for metal, y’all!” Ice T proclaimed to the crowd, which was nice of him. He also dedicating the performance to Trayvon Martin and other victims of police brutality.

Fun night.

Posted on January 29th 2018, 3:07pm
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