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There’s A Campaign To Get AC/DC To UK Number 1 This Christmas!

…and unsurprisingly we fully support it.

The folks behind a previous 2013 attempt to get AC/DC to Christmas number one have launched a new campaign to get For Those About to Rock to No. 1 this Christmas in honour of the late, great Malcolm Young. A post on their Facebook page reads:

After the sad news of Malcolm’s loss today and producer and brother George last month, our inbox has been overwhelmed today with suggestions to bring back the page’s main aim … to put AC/DC at the top of the Christmas chart. We did an amazing job in 2013 …giving the band its highest ever UK single chart placing (No. 4)…but who would be up for having another crack at putting an Acca Dacca classic above an ‘X Factor’ nobody in tribute to Malcolm, George, and Bon?”

We’re on board.

Here’s a video they put together:

The charting period that we need to make this happen in runs from Friday, December 15 to Thursday, December 21 this year, and fans can make a difference by getting the song for 99p via download services in the UK or streaming it 150 times during that time. Let’s do this!

Posted on November 28th 2017, 12:31pm
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