New Found Glory 2015 Promo
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There’s A New Found Glory Montage From Reading Festival 2015

Want to see what New Found Glory got up to at Reading Festival 2015? You do? Good, then check out this rad new montage!
New Found Glory 2015 Promo

Check out this rad montage of New Found Glory from Reading Festival 2015.

The band headlined the lock-up stage this year and it was just perfect. Check out the montage below, which was directed by Josh Partridge. It sees the band backstage, as well as some live footage from that set.

New Found Glory’s latest album Resurrection is out now via Hopeless records. Watch the footage below and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to find out where New Found Glory placed in Kerrang!’s Top 50 Albums Of 2014:

Posted on October 7th 2015, 12:14pm
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