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These Folks Had A Good Time At The Enter Shikari Show Last Night

Unsurprising, really.
Kerrang Awards Footer 2018

We had a quick chat with a few of the lucky folks who managed to get into the Enter Shikari show last night.

They played The Hope And Anchor, a 60 capacity venue, as part of our Week of Rock, which, you should know by now, culminates in the Kerrang! Awards 2018 tomorrow. Tom Pullen shot the show and took these snaps of folks below too!

Charlie Rawlings 1

I got the setlist! It was surreal, fully surreal. Did that happen!? I’ve seen them play to crowds of over 10,000 people and now to, fucking, 60 people. It was unreal. Red Shift is one of my favourite songs, so that was insane. I liked the fuck-ups; it was just mad.”

Charlie Rawlings, Bedford 

Georgie Dealey 1

From seeing them at Alexandra Palace in front of 10,000 people to 60 people is just incredible. No matter who they play to they just put on such a show. It was so good. Rou came out and he was just standing with us, it felt like he could see us as people – whereas at Ally Pally we were just a crowd.

Me and Lauren didn’t know each other before tonight – we met each other through the Shikari Family page. And now we’re best buds, and we’re going to another show – 2000trees – together.” 

Georgie Dealey, Hemel Hempstead 

Joe Thorney 1

It felt intensely personal. You could get so much of their personality across. It was ridiculous, fully entertaining. Loved it. At one point Rou lost the microphone over a metal beam and he couldn’t keep track of it, and it ended up dangling like a wrestlers’ announcement microphone and he was just singing in front of the crowd – that was probably my favourite bit.” 

Joe Thorney, Birmingham 

Joely Osben 1

It was such a small show; it was great! We’ve seen them a good few times before, but never anywhere this small. I was down the front. I’ve been following the band for, like, 12 years, I’ve seen them nearly 60 times – I know, it’s ridiculous – but it definitely, definitely is the smallest place I’ve seen them play.”

Joely Osben, London 

Siobhan Prince 1

It was amazing! I’ve seen them twice before – the Birmingham NEC was the last time. We’ve driven four hours to get here today. It was intimate, it was up close and personal, and you’re not behind 15,000 people. They’re so approachable, they’re lovely.” 

Siobhan Prince, Birmingham 

Liam Thomas 1

They literally mix with anyone and they’ll mix with the fans. I’ve followed bands for years and years, and never have I known a band to actually follow their fans as much as getting into the crowd with them, wanting to know about them. Rou was literally in the middle of the crowd for the whole set. Live, they are the best band I’ve ever seen.” 

Liam Thomas, Birmingham 

Lauren Wixom 1

It was so intimate. We were so close to the front. Rou kept going into the audience all the time, and at the end he took the time to talk to every single one of us. I’ve got a Shikari tattoo, and he even told me what colour I need to get my logo done. I feel like we had a proper in-depth conversation. They’re the most down-to-Earth band. Even though it was a much smaller venue, their energy is exactly the same – whether it’s 10,000 people or 60 people.”

Lauren Wixom, Gravesend 

Posted on June 20th 2018, 9:25a.m.
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