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These iconic movie quotes turned into heavy metal screams are genius

Attention, metal-loving movie buffs: hear iconic quotes from Terminator, Lord Of The Rings, The Godfather and more as heavy screamed vocals…

Andrew Baena and Johnny Ciardullo caught our attention earlier this year with a weirdly sweet video of wholesome compliments delivered in the most metal way possible: through very heavy screams. And the pair are back at it again, growling their way through some of the most iconic movie quotes ever.

The duo – who, as well as being hilarious, are in the deathcore band Carcosa – take it in turn to offer up famous lines from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Jingle All The Way, Lord Of The Rings and The Godfather series. Things start relatively simply, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hasta la vista, baby”, and It’s TurboTime”. Then they move on to an aggressive Gollum and his endlessly quotable My precious” from LOTR.

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After that, Andrew and Johnny turn their attention to the first and second Godfather films: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” said by Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) in The Godfather: Part II, and the brilliant, improvised, Leave the gun, take the cannoli” from Peter Clemenza (played by Richard S. Castellano) in the first movie.

Watch them all below! The caption of the video says part one’, so fingers crossed there’s a lot more to come (please, guys!).

Posted on July 20th 2021, 11:46a.m.
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