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This 80s-Style Version Of My Chemical Romance’s Helena Is Absolutely Wonderful

My Chemical Romance go 80s in this brilliant reimagining of Helena.

It’s been a good week for reimagined My Chemical Romance songs. First came a Gerard Way-approved cover of Welcome To The Black Parade, and now we have this: an 80s version of Helena.

The reimagining was posted by YouTuber Johan Olsson, who has also given the likes of Green Day and Fall Out Boy similar makeovers. Gerard Way and the boys have been heartbroken since 1984,” says Johan in the video description. Also, thanks to my dad for suggesting some 80s sounding chords on the guitar solo.”

Excellent work all around, guys. Check it out below.

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Of course, the single actually has an emotional meaning for frontman and lyricist Gerard, who told Kerrang! of Helena at the time of release: It’s a really angry open letter to myself. It’s about why I wasn’t around for this woman who was so special to me, why I wasn’t there for the last year of her life. Self-hate is always a big part of the lyrics. I don’t know why, but I’ve always hated myself. Hopefully that self-hate is growing into something else now; hopefully it’s grown into caring about myself and wanting to stay alive.”

Check out 80s-style Helena below:

Posted on September 27th 2019, 11:16a.m.
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