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This Avril Lavigne x Korn Mash-Up Is Actually Pretty Badass

Avril Lavigne’s Complicated plus Korn’s Coming Undone? Yeah, count us in.

Despite being two of the biggest genres in alternative music in the 90s and early 2000s, the idea of combining pop-punk with nu-metal sounds truly horrendous on paper. But clearly not to YouTube mash-up master William Maranci, who has mixed together Avril Lavigne and Korn… with pretty badass results.

William spliced together the vocals from Avril’s 2002 banger Complicated (taken from her debut album Let Go) with the music from Korn’s huge track Coming Undone (which you can find on the band’s 2005 record See You On The Other Side) to create the ultimate pop-punk-meets-nu-metal anthem, full of so much angst that it’ll easily transport you all the way back to the early 00s.

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And the video has got its viewers getting all nostalgic in the YouTube comments, too, with one person writing, This is literally my music taste growing up in a single song,” and another adding, This is what my parents must have heard from my room when I was 14.” Yep, we’ve all been there…

Elsewhere, other viewers are simply stoked on the song on its own, away from all the throwback glory. These are literally my two favourite songs. THIS GOES HARD,” and, PERFECT MASH-UP! MY EXACT MOOD MATCHED BY TWO SONGS!!” are two appropriately enthusiastic opinions.

Check out Coming Undone But It’s Complicated (great song title) below: 

Posted on June 18th 2020, 12:47p.m.
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