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This Black Metal Song, Wear A Mask, Is The Perfect Coronavirus PSA

This helpful black metal song encourages listeners to, ‘Wear a mask, don’t be a chode / When you’re in line at Trader Joe’s.’

While public health experts across the planet unanimously agree that wearing masks in public is important in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus during this pandemic, it’s an issue that has seemingly become political of late, particularly in America – where citizens are either simply refusing to wear them when required, or even setting theirs on fire as part of the Burn Your Mask Challenge.

With the message of masks’ importance not quite getting through to many people, thankfully YouTuber Vance Kotrla has stepped in to announce in an altogether more loud and enjoyably aggressive manner that, ‘Wear your mask, it’s not that difficult.’

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As part of a new video appropriately titled Wear A Mask! Wear A Mask! Catchy PSA For Mask Safety, Vance – alongside his daughter – reveals, “Since I play in a folk band, my friend Don suggested that I write a song encouraging people to wear masks. So my daughter and I worked something up, and here we go.”

Far from delivering a catchy and easy-on-the-ears folk song, however, the musician unleashes an epic black metal track, complete with corpsepaint and lyrics like, ‘Wear a mask, don’t be a chode / When you’re in line at Trader Joe’s.’

Whether you like folk music or, say, black metal, it’s important to remember to wear a mask in public to help keep your friends and neighbours safe,” he writes in the description of the video. “This song has a simple message and hopefully it’s catchy enough to stick in the ol’ noggin! Spread love, not germs.”

See? It’s not hard, is it?

Posted on July 9th 2020, 12:33pm
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