Fall Out Boy Sugar We Re Going Down Video
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This country cover of Fall Out Boy’s Sugar, We’re Goin Down is more than we bargained for

Check out Sugar We’re Goin Down Yonder, a wholesome new country rendition of Fall Out Boy’s classic 2005 single.

Following a superb country cover of Paramores Misery Business last month, YouTuber Alex Melton has now reworked another 00s classic – Fall Out Boys Sugar, We’re Goin Down – with the same perfect twang.

This new country version of the From Under The Cork Tree single was recorded in Alex’s unfinished upstairs bathroom” and sees the musician strumming guitars and bass on the toilet, in the shower and sat on the bath, as well as tapping along on the drums actually in the tub. Hey, we’re not questioning these methods – they clearly seem to work…

Join me in my unfinished upstairs bathroom for a down south version of Fall Out Boy’s smash hit Sugar We’re Goin’ Down played on the amazing Acoustasonic Tele!” says Alex in the video description. Shout out to Aaron Dethrage for mastering this for me.”

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Speaking to Kerrang! about the creation of …Cork Tree, producer Neal Avron explained of how Sugar… came to life in the studio: When that song came to me from the A&R guy, the verse was completely different – it was slow and plodding, and to my mind, ill-fitting of the song, because the chorus was obviously outstanding. So during pre-production I asked the guys to rewrite a new verse – a lot of that came down to Patrick [Stump, vocalist/guitarist], cause he was the main music writer. 

We’d do pre-production in the day, then at three or four in the afternoon when I’d leave, I’d say, I think you need a new verse for this,’ and I’d come back the next day and they’d have a new verse. And we went through that process for five or six days, and finally on the last day they played me what became the verse on the album, and as soon as they played it, I said, That’s the one!’” 

Check out Sugar We’re Goin Down Yonder below:

Posted on April 12th 2021, 2:15p.m.
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