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This Is Just A Reminder About That One Time Mastodon Met Barney The Dinosaur

Weird world.

This is not a news piece. We don’t have any new info on a Mastodon album or tour. Honestly, this article serves no purpose other than to remind you about the time that Mastodon met Barney The Dinosaur & Friends and one of rock’s most incredible photos was born.

Okay, if you really must have some context then here you go – but we’re telling you now, it doesn’t make any more sense when you know how the picture came about and nothing can increase your enjoyment of the photo.

The moment occurred when the band were playing at the same venue as Barney’s Birthday Bash was taking place in Indianapolis (because that makes perfect sense, right?). They allegedly had to stop the sound check because Barney was scared and then they all piled backstage to meet the purple one and share some tour bus tales. See, it hasn’t increased how much you love this photo has it? But then again, how could it?

Now, please bathe in the majesty of Mastodon and Barney:

Mastodon And Barney

If you want a double hit of rock / dinosaur weirdness, here’s a photo of The Dillinger Escape Plan and the dinosaur gang on the same night. Typical, you meet your heroes and the person taking the photos chops the top of their head off the picture…

Dillinger And Barney
Posted on July 2nd 2018, 10:58am
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